You have on your bespoke tailored suit, that expensive watch with an equally eye-catching pair of cuff links. In your hand, the Google Pixel 2. Now that’s an impression.

Why the Pixel 2, you might ask? Well, after years of partnering with several brands in producing the Nexus, Google decided to flex its design muscles and release the Pixel. The first model proved to be a runaway success and inspired by this, they pushed the envelope further.

Google went back to the kitchen and cooked the world a better phone compared to its predecessor, an assemblage of everything the company stands for; hardware, software and user experience.

And with that, was born the Google Pixel 2!


Just how good is it?

Here are the top 5 features of this beast of a phone.

  1. The Camera

When one of the trusted voices in the industry, DXoMark Mobile awards the Pixel 2’s camera a 98 rating, the highest score to ever be awarded, then you know you have yourself the best smartphone camera to ever be assembled. To put this into perspective, both Note 8 and IPhone 8 tied in at 94 points. These two boast dual cameras, Google Pixel managed it with just one.


The Pixel 2 has a 12.2 Megapixel sensor with f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilisation. This means that you’ll be able to preserve the moment your favourite rugby player makes that next try.


Autofocus is near perfection and does not disappoint in low light. This should come in handy when you want to snap a pic of your squad’s killer outfits at the club.


In Portrait Mode, which can also be found in the 8 megapixel selfie camera, the Pixel 2 lets you blur the background bringing in the focus to the main subject, a trick that previously could only be accomplished using a respectable DSLR camera.


  1. Software

The Pixel 2 runs Android Oreo 8.0. The latest Android version. But that’s only half the story.


Google owns Android. So when they release a smartphone, you know very well that it’ll come with the best software experience. This is true to the word. Some of the advantages of this compared to other Android devices of the same league is that Google does not bundle any bloatware that often slows down devices despite being unusable and worst of all, cannot be uninstalled.

What’s more? Google Pixel owners are the first to receive Android software updates while other Android users might wait months or even years for the same.

  1. Google Lens

Gone are days when you would have to write down information from a photo. With Google Lens, all you need to do is point your camera and the information will be captured and recorded.

There won’t be a need to collect a bulky amount of business cards at meetings anymore. With this feature, just take a photo of the business card and Google will pick up the details and neatly store it for you. Not only is this ideal for this digital age, but it will also raise your profile and leave an impression. You are the guy!

  1. Now Playing

Be the guy that always knows the latest song (even if you don’t!) .The Pixel 2 is always listening for what song is playing in your surroundings and quickly provides you with the information, you can then add the song onto your playlist or watch it on YouTube.

  1. Active Edge

Forget about mythically rubbing the lamp to cause the genie to appear and grant you wishes, now you can simply squeeze the lamp that is the Pixel 2 and command it. This is using the Active Edge feature located at the bottom of the phone. It will let you launch Google Assistant, one of the most advanced AI systems in the mobile industry right now.

Squeeze Active edge and Google Assistant will be activated, ready to:

  • Answer just about every question you might have.
  • Read you the latest in news or sports
  • Operate you phone including, texting, playing music, making phone calls.
  • Play games

And so much more.

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