Our partnership with Salute I World gives you the confidence to that you will immediately enjoy genuine Apple products while paying it off with 12 months conveniently.

Yoeal Haile, Managing Director, Aspira Kenya.

Aspira, a product-financing service provider that enables Kenyans to live their best life by buying products now and paying for them in monthly instalments of 6, 9 and 12 months has signed a partnership deal with authorised Apple gadgets reseller, Salute I World.

The deal was announced when Salute I World, launched their new store on Thursday 30th May at Westgate Mall Westlands, Nairobi. The partnership would enable users of Apple devices to buy the gadgets and repay the loan over 12 months.

The decision to remodel the aesthetic feel, double space, build a customer-centric experience informed by the industry’s fast-changing trends and the fact that the world is fast shifting and technology taking a new turn; so do customer needs when it comes to shopping trends.

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Yoeal Haile and Vivek Mhera the Manager Director of Aspira and Salute I world respectively.

Aspira is Kenya’s first digital consumer financing gateway, enabling a wider range of customers to have access to quality products within their budget. Our partnership with Salute I World gives you the confidence to that you will immediately enjoy genuine Apple products while paying it off with 12 months conveniently. The customers will also receive Screen and Liquid Damage Protection on their devices, which is a first of a kind insurance cover in the market.” said Yoeal Haile, The Managing Director of Aspira.

In attendance, the Marketing manager of Telco East Africa at Redington, Christine Judy said the revamped Salute iWorld store was the beginning of a series of upgrades that would see several stores redone to reflect the Apple experience. Reddington is also spearheading iPhone generation in East Africa.

Among those who graced the podium was the Business Development manager of Salute I World Michelle Abuya who recommended the capability, competence and capacity that Salute I World holds to provide high-quality products and services at the right price offering real and lasting solutions to clients in actual ‘value for money’ terms.

The chief guest, Mr Vivek Mehra who is the managing director of Salute Holdings, said he was proud of the milestones that Salute is achieving in setting standards in the retailer space. He added that even though the Internet of Things (IoT), was threatening to take over the retail space, there was the need to strike a balance on offline and online sales in a bid to fully cater to both speed and authenticity.

“Today, a large number of people make their purchasing decisions by searching for items on the internet and making online purchases, and that is why we have gone full throttle on our e-commerce sites that offer easier and real-time access to our products and convenient online purchases. However, not everyone seems to be excited about the digital store concept. For the critics, it is high marketing investment with hardly any focus on customer benefit for the sake of standing out as a tech-savvy player.”

Vivek Mehra, MD, Salute Holdings.

Aspira continues to be a key player in the financing sector because of our unique business model. Visit Aspira Kenya to learn more about how to use our services.

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