There are times when a discount saves you a lot. Like at the grocery store or fuel station. Money saved might not pay your way through the toll booth of life’s difficulties, but it can get you some airtime. We can live with that.

But then, there are other times when the discount ends up costing you more. Like getting a modded phone backstreet. Next thing you know, you have to buy a gift to appease your sulky partner because she thinks you deliberately ignored her phone call when she really needed to check up on you.

Which is why, those who are familiar with these troubles go for that one premium phone: The iPhone at Elite Digital. In addition to keeping Girlfriend or Boyfriend happy, these are some of the other benefits of spending a bit more on an iPhone.

Note that, we consulted our partners at Elite Digital before coming up with list.

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later

So you’ve visited Elite Digital at Sarit Centre or TRM, or even just on their website. You see that iPhone or Macbook and it instantly draws you. This is your style. This is the gadget that you’d love to be seen with. You are premium, and you deserve premium.

But you also remember your budget. Due to a recent issue with your car, you’ve had to dip into your accounts to repair it and now there isn’t enough to spare for that iPhone. Worry not, you can still get that iPhone or Macbook right there and then and pay later. Click here to find out more.

  1. Genuine Products

Out of all the reasons you could have to learn a foreign language, taking Chinese lessons so that you can figure out how to operate your knock-off iPhone with a Chinese interface should not be among them.

That’s just one of the perks of buying a genuine iPhone from a legit shop like Elite Digital. You won’t experience the shock that follows when you power an Android-powered ‘iPhone’ or realising that it lacks facetime because someone you know who knows someone got someone else to smuggle it in from Dubai with their latest bale of second-hand goods stock.

  1. Insurance

People can be envious, sometimes too envious to the point of stealing your phone. At Elite Digital, you can get insurance for your premium iPhone or Macbook and be covered in case of matatu-pocket or break-ins.

The full cover includes 2 incidents of accidental damage and 1 of loss/theft. (Note that insurance isn’t available for the iPhone X, but it does come with a protective case and tempered glass protector which at least helps when your phone has a really fast encounter with the floor.) Make sure that you submit the insurance form within 10 days of your invoice so that you’re covered!

  1. Hands-on experience

The certified experts at Elite Digital are on hand to help you get the most out of your new device. They offer migration, setup, one-on-one training, device cleaning, updating and so much more. They can even show you the cool features you’ve been missing – no more dabbing at random settings or finding out months later that you’ve been missing out on for months.

So go ahead and grab one for yourself. It pays to have premium taste. Find out where Elite is here.